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Dating my hofner 500/1
70s hofner 70s
Diff. of Tone reissue Cavern toaster staple 58 bass pup
Are the Drill holes the same for Rugby and '63 Style Tuner?
Glad to be back I'm from CA via TN
Hofner strap
Hofner bridge
Not only PM....
Looking for info about a Hofner
28 Years Ago Today 13/11
Selmer Hofner?
Just dug out my '64 500/1
Can you help me to date my 500/1?
What is this?
62 Vintage Reissue Pickup Output Levels
63 Reissue with a two piece neck.
Ronnie Watt & The Chekkers Hofner Bass
Fret dots on neck??
Factory Setup Measurements
My 500/1 Bass Page
La Bella Low Tension Flexible Flats
1967 Black Back Bass
Used Hofner 500/1 Vintage 63 reissue help identifying!!!
What Do I have Here
My new acquisition, another Spanish T-21, 1966-68?.
Spanish Hofner 500/1 vintage
hofner world history 3rd generation premium 500/1
Do you know if I can buy just one Pyramid string?
Getting Hofner fever?
How do I I.D. if I have an original Selmer case.
Paul´s pickup setup
violin finish for 500/1 bass
Presentation, homemade restoration, and need help dating.
why did hofner stop chrome plating pickup covers?
Got to see Paul finally, and THE BASS!!!!!!!
installing strip tuners on HCT 500/1?
Now... my 66 spanish made 500/1
My 1975 spanish made T-21 (500/1)
Hofner Vilon Bass 61 or 62?
Different Cases For Hofner Bases?
My original German 500/1
Well, I went and did it now
for 500/1 lovers only
Höfner 500/1 Original Wiring
Hofner video advertisements
Proud Papa! My Official Hofner Page..
I want to show you my twins!
Questions on New 500/1
My 500/1 turns 50
Necuron Fingerboards on the 500/1
new names for the 500/1 reissue
63 hofner 500/1 re-issue value rise?
cavern 500/1 re-issue bass pick-up vs. 62/63 500/1 re-issue
A date to see Paul's Hofner
violin basses
Hofner 500/1 Individual Tuners
neck reset on my 1965/ Hampshire England
What type rosewood is used on 500/1 Fretboard
Old question of dating Beatle Bass
who are the luthiers that built the 60's 500/1's
Dieter Fisher
Stars & Stripes
500/1 HCT etc fact files
63 500/1 reissue solid top
Genuine Hofner Original Decal
Hofner Strings
How do you tune it?
An Ed Sullivan Show 500/1
original LH hofner 500/1 on E-bay
Presentation bass sold
Read The Book "What A Journey"
Hofner Presents
Christmas Wishes
HCT Violin and 78 Ric 4001--Part of my Beatles wall
McCartney's Picking technique
Here we go again
Selmer Presentation Bass Goes To Auction...
My Old Gal
25 Years Gone By & Still Together.
'73 500/1 With Unusual Neck Binding?
String height above the fretboard
Modified / improved control wiring
Happy birthday old girl
lifting pickups out of surrounds on a hof 500/1
My Hofners on Photobucket
65 restoration soundclip
Where would I fit a strap button on a reissue v62
hofner 500/1 reissue violin finish
hofner 5000/1 with Black Switches
"Paul" Roll Call
favorite Beatles HOFNER SOUND
New 3 pickup blue bass gold label
German Hoffys get a new case!
Hi Sir Paul
Anybody stay with the rounds?
Neck reset.
Flats on my new Ignition
Flats for a new Ignition
Some '63 Love!
blade pickups are in production again
New Hofner colors
"Cavern" versions of Ignition and Contemporary vio
Hofner on chocolate record
How profitable is our beloved Höfner company?
Purple Gold label bass
What length strings needed???
Changes to the Beatle Bass
A Big Thanks To Fran Festa
Sorry, but I couldn't resist.....
Hofner Jubilee Basses Clarification
I love my V63 BUT...
Can it be fixed?
With or Without (Scratchplate) Your Thoughts
V64 Fretless to Fretted Journey
"65 Restoration
500/1 assembly video
Question about bass necks?
60s production numbers
new here and new to Hofner
50 years this year or Half a Century
Check out the finish on this 500/1 reissue
1964 500/1
78 Hofner Beatles Bass
No Jubilation for the Jubilees?
PU question?
questionable Hofner Quality
Tone switch controls guide?
Rugbys! At last we have them!
hofner 63 500/1 reissue
Anniversary Bass in Black
Weird spacing of the tuners in this 500/1
Wow! Just gorgeous!
Strings Again -- but not quite the same subject
500/1 neck radius
F Y I - Five (5) Nice Ones . . . Enjoy!
recording the Hofner 500/1
Dating Höfner/Hofner 500/1
Flip Scipio
500/1m. Have you seen this before?
US sources for flatwound strings for Hofner basses
Help with Strap please
Anigre vs maple on 500/1 basses
62 and 63 500/1's
Roundwounds on Hofner basses?
fingerboard dust
Stopping the bridge moving on my jubilee
Olympic Closing Ceremony
500/1 63 reissues
CARTOON Beatle gear renders
A Little Help, Please . . .
Limited Edition ??? Jubilees?
Vintage 66 in Paris
Electronics question (low bass output)
500/1 Case Question
Will Sir Macca play his Union Flag Bass??
hofner 500/1 availability
thanks geoff
Updated Pic Time!
Here We Go!
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