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Hofner 459 Violin Guitar project
Hofner Colorama 1962-problems sorted out and plays v well
Hofner Colorama 1962 cracked pickguard
2 x Hofner 1964 Staple Top bass Pu for sale
Hofner 500/1 V63 violin bass
Hofner 500/2 Club Bass Reissue
Brand New 500/1 '62 Reissue
Brand New 500/1 '61 Cavern Reissue
FS Hofner 176 in Rare Yellow Sunburst only example online
FS rare Hofner 177 in Sunburst
500/1 HCT Modified with German Parts
1963 Hofner/Selmer solid bass/182 (rare four rotary control)
1960 Hofner 500/5 Bass for sale.Blonde.Exceptional condition
Original Scratchplate from a Hofner 500/5 Bass
item now been sold
Hofner 65-3 Bigsby
New unopened 500/1 T-shirt
Hofner 4579 Les Paul rare set neck guitar in very good cond
FS: Jazzica Custom
Verithin 65/3 for sale
For Sale -Hofner Verythin Classic w/Bigsby
1971-1972's 4579 on sale (Spain)
'65 500/1 - restoration project - PRICE DROP
Very rare Hofner 190 bass.
Hofner 500/1/B 1970 violin bass
1954/55 Hofner 456 for sale
Bass pickups
Original series '80 Hofner 180 Shorty in blue for sale
1964 Hofner 470 - sold on ebay
Hofner 459 TZ for sale
1965 Hofner Beatle Bass pickups for sale
500/1 62 Reissue For Sale and other Beatles guitars
1965 Hogner Violin Bass 500/1 for sale £1250
2011 Hofner HCT 500/1 for sale in mexico (updated)
My early 65 500/1 for sale
Not for me, but maybe someone else...Geoff;)
1965 Hofner Verithin serial no. 3465 ebay
Committee for sale
Beautiful 1968 Verithin 4575/V For Sale ... SOLD
Hofner Senator Slimline c1970 in Blonde
FS 1963-64 Verythin
For sale, my Beautiful Hofner 4550
For Sale 1963-67? 550/1
FS: Hofner 172 early-1960s
SOLD! 1979 500/01 Hofner Violin Bass
Real Celluloid w/b/w nut blanks
HOFNER 1959 500/5 Semi-Acoustic BASS Guitar
Customized Verythin
1964 Hofner 500/1 right hand with Selmer case...SOLD
Hofner Cavern 50th Anniversary lefty
500/1 vintage 62 reissue
1958 Club 50 6-string to be auctioned in U.K.
Uber Rare 1968 Hofner 176-Z(active boost) Sunburst 3 pickup
Höfner President XII
4574 in very good condition
Hofner Cavern
NOS - Yes, I said, "NOS," LH 187/II Shorty Bass Fo
Hofner Club 40
Left handed 1967 Hofner 500/1 bass
Hofner Golden for Sale
Hofner German Club Bass - Bargain.
*sold* Höfner tuners
459 Violin Guitar - Exceptional and rare - SOLD
v64 Re-issue Prototype Exhibition Quality. - SOLD
Thin President 2004 (very rare series 2!)
FS: Hofner New President. hand-carved archtop w/ Diamond PU
1965 Hofner 500/1 violin bass final offer
For Sale: German Hofner '61 Cavern Reissue Violin Bass
I am thinking of selling my Hofner.
Hofner Violin Guitar for sale
Hofner collection for sale
1968 500/1 For Sale! (mine)
1958 160
Historic Hofner Bass Collection For Sale
Is It The Vin Rouge?
190 bass
Jubilee e-Bass Advertisement?
Hofner 500/5 Blonde Bass Guitar (c.1960) + flight case £1000
Hofner arch-top vintage guitar
Old staple top pickups for sale-guitar and bass
1964 Hofner Western 12 String,near mint condition sale-£600
'63 Verithin Bass, Kingston, UK, on Basschat...
Hofner 492 12 string "Western" Acoustic
SOLD - Hofner Verythin Classic
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