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What year and model?
rotating the bridge pickup on an Ignition Bass
Ambassador wiring schematic - HELP
Tailpiece ground connection on a Hofner 4600
Hofner 173 Rebuild
Hofner Club 60 No,113 (1959) - Pickup advice ?
Help with purchasing a 500/1 Mersey or Cavern
Hofner 176 and the mystery of the Type 513/RazorBla pickups!
mid-1960s trem
Vintage hofner ID
My 500/1 is sort of slowly decaying when left alone (!?)
Is this a Hofner Verythin Bigsby????
Advice needed about Hofner Senator
Single coil electrics on a 1959 Senator
Help! single coil pickup on 1959 thin Senator
Identification of vintage hofner guitar
My old hofner committee ?[1]
my old hofner committee ?
Need help identifying Hofner bass...
werd metal hook neck joint
Hofner Parlor...can't find anything like it Age? Model? Help
What does the "meisterklasse" logo mean?
Differences between Höfner bass models
Please Help Me Identify this Hofner Model and Value?
Confirming identification - 164/ Colorama
Electronics Help needed for the rectangular control consul
Club Bass pick guard on Arch-top guitar
250K Preh Pots ?
Does anyone know what this electronics component is ?
How do you remove the Bridge Post Inserts on a 173 ?
Can a 173 Bridge be Repaired ?
Collectors or players?
Need Help Disassembling 173 Whammy Arm ?
Is the a real Hofner bass? Or...?
Heavily violated Violin bass, maybe Hofner 500/1?
Hofner club 60
1955 congress
What Do I Have and How Do I Restore It
1959 Hofner Club 60 restoration
Wiring Diagram Mod 4572 (ii)
Yet another "what Hofner do I have"
Club Ignition problems.
Curious Semi, CT
A name for this archtop...
What hofner do I have?
Beatle Bass Icon truss rod wrench size
Help with Hofner V3 Tremolo unit
Scale length for 468 Hofner Please ?
Identifying a 172
Pick up specifications
Please help identify my hofner.
Need help identifying this HOFNER
Hofner 173 Intonation HELP!!!
Mystery Hofner??
Help dating my 500/1
500/1 Individual Cats Head and Rugby Machine Heads
Is this Hofner real?
1960's Hofner President thin electric pick-up replacement
Hofner Nightingale Anniversary
Neck adjust
Amp for a Hofner Violin Bass
Case for Hofner Senator or President bass
Dimensions for Senator or President bass needed
help me identify this Hofner guitar
Luthier in London or Surrey
Höfner 457 - Lacquer damage and other questions
Solidbody bass ID help please
What model is this?
Adjusting Jazzica Pickup
Original Frets, Late 50s - 500/5?
Vintage Hofner Pickguards circa '59
A Hard Case To Crack
Anyone know where I could request a valuation? 4570/E1 1960
Tone controls
Help Identifying this Hofner
Advice on buying a hofner 182 needed.
in need of 1963 Hofner 172 wiring diagram
Best verythin standard version?
Shorty serial number location
Type 1 pickup help - Hofner senator
Mystery Guitar (to me!)
another identification request
uploading pictures
Can't figure out which model this is??
Help Identifying a Guitar
what guitar do i have?
Looking for a 500/5 bridge.
My new Hofner & help removing paint from the bridge
shorty ct mini travel electric
Is this a Hofner 161?
How To Straighten A Bent Neck ?
Help! Is my Hofner beyond repair?
Trying to Identify Solid Body Bass
Recommend and amp...
Need Help Identifying my Hofner!
what have i got
Serial number on a 500/1
Guitar Shielding
Is this a Hofner
Spot that tune
Golden serial numbers
Senator pick guard
Setting Up Our Hofners
Hofner 484..
Pyramid silk
Hofner Senator renovation
Original 1960 Hofner Club 50
500/5 Neck Joint
Case for a Congress?
1961 Hofner President thinline archtop? toaster pickups help
Hofner Galaxie pickup sound question
Smoke & mirrors
Anyone got a Selmer 322 pickup
Pic Posting Problem Here?
President Wiring?
500/1 neck set
lost numbers
1959 club 40 blonde, been hidden for 25 years!
Hofner Bass from '67-'70?
Help authenticating my '63 Hofner 500/1 bass
500/1 Contemporary bridge issue?
Verithin 3056
Just got my youth back..! but need wiring diagram (1st post)
Ever Use Phil's Guitar Clay Detailer?
Pickup for Archtop
Hofner Club 40?
Identification please
Where to get restored
can you help (pleaase)
1960 Hofner Senator
Colour matching
Model 185 Bass pickups...
Truss rod socket size for a '60s Western 491e acoustic
5001 Maintenance.
Solidbody Höfner bass bargain!
Photo of my 450
1950's Acoustic
Hofner 176
Ignition truss rod adjustment
FAO Vic re machine heads..
500/1 or Not
Hard case or gigbag for 500/5 bass
L.A. or London hounds, please lend me a guitar!
Selmer Rancher
modified nightingale ?
Which way ?
How much is my vintage Hofner bass worth?
Hidden 'fretrboard' pickup
Hoefner or Keller acoustic guitar?
restoration need
So what is it,any ideas?
Something about my guitar.
posting pictures
Anti-theft wall mount
Höfner 4560 V2 Restoration
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