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Neck for circa 1960 Senator
Wanted: Club Bass Case, Black With Hofner Logo
Wanted : Tremolo and tailpiece or arm and spring and tuner
Wanted: case for a 1963 Galaxie
WTB Bass Tailpiece Long H62/32-N
1967 Florentine President Parts and Case
61 Violin Pickguard
Violin 459 66/67
Original 1962/3 Bass strip tuners
Help 1967 Hofner 12 string 499 (ii)
Vintage or Re-issue parts wanted
Toaster pickups
I need one (01) treble side tuner for vintage violin guitar
Tremolo Bar
'67 Thru 80's 500/1Tuner Covers Needed
Hӧfner 172 Solid 1962
Preh 250K Pots
Golden Hofner/Committee wanted
Micromatic bridge
Looking for 172/173 Piping
500/1 500/2 neck
Hofner V3 chicken head switch plate
Pick Guard
64 Verithin knobs
Vintage tea cup knobs and bridge for 500/1
WTB Lefty 61 Reissue Cavern Bass Hofner. Any condition
465 Machine head parts
Screw for the control panel on a 1979 Hofner 500/01
60s Verythin Bass wanted
looking for neck and fretboard for 465
Looking for 2 x bridge saddles and a bridge cover for 175 Te
In need of a 172 Pickguard - Black
Wanted-Doglead Strap Fixings
Question about strap buttons and screws in general?
Hofner 176 deluxe / Galaxie case or case alternative?
Tuners / Machineheads for a 62' Senator acoustic
Solid Bass Body to copy
Wanted: Vintage Tea Cup Knobs
1965/66 Pickguard
Plastic headstock badge ** NOW SORTED THANKS **
Hofner wooden bridge intonation metal bits wanted
Framus Humbug switch
Wanted: Cat Head Tuners for 500/1
oval head slot screws in nickel
Wanted - Bigsby B-7
Tuning pegs for 1970 500/1
Post 1966 control panel and pickguard for 500/1
Hofner Solid Bass Version 2 Tailpiece Cover
Hofner Sentor '58 - Looking for pickguard and bits
Wanted - Case for a 1959 500/5 Bass
Wanted: Original Hofner "Icon B Bass" truss rod co
**WANTED** 1960 500/5 Scratch Guard
Hofner Thin President E2
2008 Icon LTD colored B-Basses
In-case Humidifier
Vintage Hofner parts seller, Marco Capuzzo, has new website
What Bass Amp?
wanted hofner script 3d headstock badge
Tuning peg 456/4550
Volume metal pointers
Contemporary Bass Case
Modern Verythin Wanted
Wanted: Logo for '66 500/1
Wanted REissue Tweed Violin bass case
Wanted: Aluminum case for my 500/1
Hofner HCT500/1 SB unbound
Looking for a few items for my 4700
Mccartney style strap wanted
WTB/feeler HOFNER MODEL 4579 Semi Hollow/Arch top
"Chickenhead" boost knob for 4570/S/T1
4578 Parts
Micro Matic Bridge ** Got one!**
250K Preh pots
Replacement Button
Diamond logo pickups - 1963
63 - 64 cases especifcations
tuning pegs for 1960 club 40 wanted
Hofner 500/5 Sutcliffe Bass (Selmer 333)
Wanted Vintage cat head tuner for bass
1959 congress
Left Handed Hofner Bass Wanted
1959 congress
Lefty German Beatle bass wanted.
1964 Hofner 176 bridge
Looking for a pickup selector switch
Hofner 4578
Wanted to Buy - Left-handed 500/1 1963-1971
455/s machine head button
Wanted: Hofner CT 500/1 prototype
Looking for older Hofner bass bridge or just the saddle.....
Fuma pickup
Wanted! Hardcase for my 4560 Guitar.
Höfner volume knobs wanted!
1965 Verithin
Hofner Senator Acoustic 1950s
Anyone got a spare 1950s/60s tuner bushing/ferrule?
verithin guitar wanted
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