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Hofners for sale on ebay
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500/5 bass 1961
500/5 bass 1961
Not so common 174....
Macca Spec 500/1
Verithin currently on a French private sales site...
1078 for sale - again..
Hofner 4575 in the UK
4574 in Canada
Hofner Colorama + PRS gigbag on Gumtree
NOS Headstock Logos
I wonder......
Höfner 185 “Artist Bass” 1964 serial no. 2186
Pair of 250K Preh Pots
SOLDVery early Hofner Congress for sale-1955 serial no. 2239
Er.... Yes......Well....?
1962 verythin
Very rare Hofner 190 bass.
ebay Senator bass
Verithin 2656
Verithin 2076
Ambassador c.1966
vintage '63 500/1
A cherry red Hofner Verithin semi-acoustic electric guitar,
333 Bass (it has sold)
4575/65-3 up for grabs!
1963 Hofner 500/1 for sale on eBay
Selmer tweed case on eBay
Not Ebay, but saw this on craigslist in L.A., 1963 Colorama
Another Frankenhofner?
Lovely 1961 and 1962 500/1
A cheap Verithin
There's excellent - and there's "Excellent"......
Is it a bitsa?
Another rescue project!
Seller notes: “In need of renovation”
Hofner Vintage Bass Guitar 5000/1B
HOFNER 20TH ANNY 500/1 BEATLE Bass Guitar Lefty
1960 Hofner President Guitar
VT 965 relocated...
1960's Hofner Galaxy 175 Model Solid Electric Guitar
Vintage 1960's Hofner 4600 Very-Thin Hollowbody Guitar
Another "vintage hofner guitar" - VT 463
A "vintage hofner guitar"...
Verithin 1546
On Gumtree
Ambidextrous Verithin?
headstock tuning keys
Hofner Senator Bass Case on Gumtree
Hofner Senator Selmer Bass Case
2 Vintage Höfners for sale
Repair job!
Another VT and an early Colorama
Verithin bass 245
COMMITTEE 1960 on Ebay
my vintage hofner president blonde e2 1965 for sale
Is this a Hofner?
Not ebay but a proper auction
Verithin - those pups look familiar....
Club 60 on Ebay US
Anyone seen one of these before ?
Beware the specialist
Hofner Congress Acoustic
A Verythin
1965 Hogner Violin Bass 500/1 for sale £1250
V63 500/1
Hofner Verythin Classic 2003 Blonde
Original 1961 Hofner / Van Gent Rugbyball Tuners on ebay
1965 lefty with AC4 side salad
Hofner Jubilee Bass Direct Sale
Vintage Shorty 187 Bass On Ebay!
Hofner H64/VBR Tweed Case
Verithin 3465
Great Deal On A 500/1V62
Regrets? I've had a few.
Money, money, money!
4574 Germany
A 66 deluxe
Verithin 1272
Verithin 2275
ebay problem with seller erasmusparts-hofner logo
1963 500/1 lefty(s) on ebay
Early colorama
A Hofner for sale in Mexico
'59 500/5
GBase '62 Verithin
4574 Germany
My lovely 4550 guitar
Hofner 4570/E1 1960
Worst auction pics
1964 Verithin #2738
Is it or isn't it?
Trademe in New Zealand
A Gumtree oddity!
Verithin in Australia
1814 sterio Verithin
4600 Germany
3956 Germany
I beg your pardon?
California Mike
Ooooh! Your nose will grow, Pinocchio!
And here's another verithin!
Old hofner found
1959 500/5 Sutcliffe Bass On Ebay
Don't spread it around, but....
Selmer Tweed 500/1 Case on Ebay
Buyer beware.... Ebay auction for a 1968 500/1
A couple of Verithin wrecks
Control Panels: Club 40,462,Senator,& 500/1 Beatle Bass
Anyone Need A Compensator Tailpiece?
Well, it's partly Hofner....
A bass in France
'59 500/5 Stu Project
Glorious '64 500/1 w/ Tweed case
A Couple of Cool Hofner Projects USA Ebay:
Gerroff! This one's mine......
Hofner 63 re issue , german made, lefty for sale e bay
From Argentina
1969 500/1 lefty with no reserve
A Broken Vintage (Reissue) V62
Another sad Verythin
VT bass 107
Another vintage 500/1
Where are you Nate?
...A rose by any other name....
Macca base for sale
Stunning '64 500/1
Verithin 3759
Rather dubious advert...
how much!!
A nice 1965 on eBay USA U.S. $3,000
500/1 1962 for $7,000 on eBay
Nice 500/3 thinline, not on Ebay, N. Wales, UK...
4574 UK ebay
Don't see many of these...
tatty old 500/1
Tidy 1963 500/1 on USA eBay
Is he being optimistic?
1962 500/1 on gumtree
More expensive Hofners
Put this in your Contemporary 500/1!
Chancellor Thinline for £500 !!!
Leboncoin France
Vintage 500/1 being sold as an Ignition
Verithin project?
4574 USA
4574 Australia
Verithin 2769
Beautifu 500/1
Very intersting 500/1
500/3, decent condition, North Wales (not 'tbay...)...
500/1 needs work
my Hofner 62 re issue for sale
Nice looking president
Yes, there have been some changes....
Club 50
What next,
Is it your birthday?
Cream 500/1
Anyone for an Ambassador?
500/1 Cavern for restoration from Italy
Help from France needed
How much
Nice 1964 500/1 on TradeMe NZ
Nice looking Strat for restoration
Preloved rather than EBay....
Verithin bass 107
verithin bass 135
Wounded 4574 ('Verithin'...) in Germany, needs a bit of work
Not shown this to SWMBO yet; looks nice to me...
interesting double cut 500/2
1964 Verithin
...and another selmer '64
500/1 kit
62-64 Verithin UK
63/64 500/1
For "investors" only....
1960 Verithin 232
64 verythin
1964? Selmer Beatle Bass
500/7 France
2209 Verithin
A couple of Verithins UK
1968 459 violin 6 string in USA
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