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how my hofner hangs
Jeff Beck shreds a Hofner
A bit more of Phil's book
My three German 500/1's
New v61 Cavern
Seymour Duncan Hofner Bass Pickups
Looking for info about a Hofner
First Hofner
String tension measuring with selfbuilt tension meter.
Selmer Hofner?
Hofner 449 reissue
Hofner Congress mysterious jack (socket) on pickup plate
Hofner 500/5 case
Wiring advice
Hofner 500/1 Vintage Strap Fix
How to rectify an old pickguard?
Shipping costs from Germany ?
double cut german club bass - side markers
Anorak time! ;-0
Unidentified Hofner
Case for your Hofner
Hofner Vintage 63 RI stamped S/N?
need wiring /pic of 1964 artist bass
Discontinued Model vs Mersey
New Höfner Homepage
Unidentified Hofner
Merry Christmas
Which Hofner do i have:)
neck on Hofner Senator
Did 173's have different neck pocket widths ?
Hofner Newsletter
Cavern Bass Strap Fitting
effect on value for a total refinish
Can anyone tell me more?
Fret Markers
BeatlesGear Discovers Lennon's Long Lost 1962 Gibson J160E
Ultra rare Höfner "Venture" Flying V
Virtuoso Custom Guitars special 500/1
strap locks
What does "HI SERIES" mean?
Pic as promised
Case for 65/66 500/5 bass
My President
Hofner archive photos
body to neck replacement.
Hofner Cavern Ignition Bass
Vintage Hofner Colorama
Buddy Holly's Hofner
Two rarities perhaps for sale
Golden Hofner
Christmas Greetings
My '59 Committee
Club 50 mystery
5005 Bass
Advice please? Bought Hofner Galaxie listed as other model!
Jack Bruce RIP
Tracing the history of a Committee
Hofner Bass
MaCartney interview 1995
Martin Harrison
Floating pickup socket
Hofner Senartor 56
LTD Beatle Bass
Hofner Website!
Hofner 12 String - Please Help - Worth Restoring?
Wanted-Verithin Bass
Trace my Hofner
Hofner USA Custom Shop - custom paintjobs
Hofner Aluminum Bullet Case
Your starter for 10.....
So what do we know about REX guitars?
Strings for a '65 Congress
Dave T's Colorama 2 Refurb
Photo of my 1967 491 Hofner
Frankenstein Hofners?
New owner! New on HCT Diamond mini-hums
A Senator Slimline
Hofner 172 Diagram
Über rare?
T-I versus Pyramid strings
Hofner Senator Bass scratchguard template
hofner archtop 3604 need price info
Phil Rylance's book!
60's President Bass with a chequered past..?
Short scale 188 bass strings
Buon Natale!
Merry Christmas Everyone
"Hofner Artist", A Milestone For Me...
New stuff from the Beatles
A Hofner Equipment Question
Berlin Club Bass Royal Blue
Hofner 500/15 Federal bass?
need help with a vintage archtop
Hofner stash (11)
I'm very upset!
Only one
Searching for a wiring diagram
Need some help with this guitar
Hofner ignition thrust rod adjustment
Is this a Hofner?
70th gig photo
70 th birthday gig
Hi-series BB made in Indonesia pots rate
Hofner Violin Bass
Help finding a case
Rank discrimination....I tell you, it's just not fair!
Pickup surrounds? Pick Guards? Truss rod covers?
A couple of my Hofners
Mystery Committee in Australia - not what it claims, but....
Happy birthday Hofner Hounds
Verythin horror story
Boomtown Rats join Hofner
Compare and Contrast tone
Hofner Jazzica
Is this a Spanish Hofner D-23-S?
No name on it?
Is this a Golden Hofner ?
Diamond pickups
No Treble - Hofner 500/1
Dating (with) your Hofner
58 senator, blonde
Restoring a broken Hofner Ambassador
Something for the Beatles fans [2]
Violin Bass Book
looking for a template
The long and winding road
Investment, is the only way up?
Hofner Committee
Is this Hofner bass ? (ISOLATED)
How can this Bull S#%t be allowed
Hofner verythin Bigsby semi- Acoustic 1964 help please
Got a new bass
Neck glue joint
can anybody help identify this rare? hofner
Hofner Type 1 (black bar) pickups
RIP Tony Sheridan....
On TV tonight...
First ever guitar..?
Back again
Lefty Galaxie or 182 basses
Something for the Beatles fans
Mode. 175 bass VI
Happy New Year
Christmas Wishes
Star Club album bass
I have a Hofner guitar from the 60's and would like info
Marketing Manager
Vintage archtop Höfner for $70 :-)
Some Advice
Is this a converted lefty?
Do pre-'67 SoapBar pups sound same as post-'67 Blades?
"Searching" for a Hofner
New hound here
...Dream machine.....
Hi Newbie here!
Hofner Icon/Ignition vs. Contemporary Series
New here, new Hofner owner
The "Dumping of Hofner Hounds"
1960's Hofner Electric violin body 459VTZ
Verithin 1962 at Abbey Road
new Hound dreamin'
HNGD Hofner Congress Acoustic
This is nuts.....
So, may we introduce to
Congratulations Fran
Congratulations Doug
hello geezers
The Good Book
Olympic Watch!
Welcome to the new Hounds forum
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