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Repair your Hofner
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How to repair vinyl cover?
Pickguard Dimensions or template /Drawing
London luthier recommendation for Verithin restoration?
Hofner 12 string acoustic neck loose
Headstock overlay '59 Senator
Glutton for Punishment
Selmer case repair/restoration
Hofner 450 archtop with shellac finish
Acoustic guitar build
Repair of severe bridge damage on Hofner 490 12string
Verythin bass neck gluing
Congress truss rod - hex nut
Verthin bass neck removal
Fitting a Fender Neck on a 173
Club 40 strip tuner or machine head buttons
173 Schematics
173 vinyl cover
Refininshing a 1968 Hofner 500/1 bass! *HELP WANTED*
Not a Hofner, but.....?
Scale length for 468 Hofner Please ?
Original lacquer colour for Club 60?
Model ID help
cutting into 500/1 body to allow pick-up recess
What stain should I Use
Removing sellotape from 1965 verithin
Galaxie wiring
Preparing a c1963 Verithin bass for sale
Measurements for a 500/1
With a hammer and a punch
Questions about verithin
Strings too high at D fret
1961-62 V3 Wiring Repair
Real tortoise celluloid from the '60/70
Bass bridge
Schematic for active Höfner 456/S/T1 and battery?
Fret buzz, Help!
Cleaning staple top pickups
white, black, white nut
fretboard removal
500/1 neck removal
250K Preh pots
Hofner Pickup repair
How To Straighten A Bent Neck ?
Help! Is my Hofner beyond repair?
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