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Hi all. Hofner Ambassador circa 1965 Serial 296
Verithin 4575 - just acquired ...
Hofner verythin neck pocket/reset
hello, and how my hofner hangs :)
Hello from Cheshire
Hello from Simon in Worcestershire UK.
Glad to be back I'm from CA via TN
Hello from Germany
Hi from Manila
Hello from Spain
Need help identifying this guitar
Hello All!
Another London newbie says "Hello"
Old solid 3-pick-up Hofner
Hofner Verithin Pickups
Hofner ID
Hi, newbie here.
Hi all - collecting my first Hofner!
"Belgian" Hofner
my old hofner committee ?
Hello from Arkansas! USA
Hello from from Wales , UK
Hello from Belgium!
Greetings from St.Thomas, ON Canada
Hello from Devon, UK
Hi all.
Hello from Hamilton, NEW ZEALAND
Hi everybody, Happy new year and Greetings from Germany!
Hi from Arizona
Hello from FRANCE !
Looking to buy a Golden Hofner
Hi everyone Hofner people.
New member from California with 2 Verithins says Hi.
Hello from Sweden
Hello from Maryland
Ciao dall'Italia
chitarra Hofner anni '70
Hi from Yorkshire, UK
Hi from Spain
Hi from sunny Manchester.
New member says hiya
Hello from Canada!!!
Hello from France
Howdy Hofner folk!
1959 President - slight disaster
New owner soon
Howdy from Calgary, Alberta
Hi! Everybody
Hello everyone
Another UK Hofnerhound
Hello from Italy
Hi from the UK
Hello from Brummagem
Got to get the introductions over with
Greetings from Nashville
New member
Hello from Southampton
Hello from Essex
Hello from Los Angeles
NuBee from London
Jools -Wotcha from Oz
Hello from Spain, friends
my vintage hofner president blonde e2 1965
Greetings from Manchester though ....
Info needed.
Greetings from the u.k selling 1965 original.
Silas from Germany
Hofner Compensator 1956
congress 1953
Hi. My name is Eugie...
Hi Hounds...New to the forum...might need a little help.
1965 Hofner Verithin serial no. 3645
Greetings from Texas !
A '59 Club 60 says "Hi" from France
Hello Forum Members - New/Returning Member here
Greetings from Russia
Committee for sale
Hello World of Höfner!
Refurbishment of my hofner
1967 Hofner 491 Acoustic
Hello! I have a Verythin from 64 I am parting with...
New Member. Well... Not really
19 year old Hofner 500/1 owner!
President bass, London...
Hello there!
Hi from a wind swept Norfolk
Good morning, good evening and goodnight!
Hello people
Steve Russel
Hello to all !
Hello from WNY
michael / vienna, austria
Jesper- Scandinavia
John - Sussex UK
Hi from California!
New member
Hi from Upstate New York
new hofner pup
Old Hofnerhounds member joining new forum
Good Morning from Sunny Hertfordshire
Hello from New Orleans "other side of the pond"
Hi from Cornwall, UK
Hello Fellow Hofnerites
Greatings from the uk
Just found my way back
New member in NSW
Hi from Cheshire uk
Hello from another returning member
Hi from New York
Hello from Sweden! (sorry for the large pictures)
Another hello
Hello from a new member 19/4/13
Just Saying Hello!
Just wanted to say HI
Nice to join
Hello Hofner Hounds
Please allow me to Introduce myself
Rockabillymic Says Hello!
Getting that ZZ Top tone on your Hofner...
Hi all
Hello Everyone
hello from Leeds - club 40 guitar in loft for 25 years!
Just Wanted To Say Hello As A New Old Member
1959 congress
Stuff about us
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