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Hofner Sounds
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Closure of this Forum - where to meet?
Lana Del Rey's Bassist Playing Hofner
My CT in the band
Guitar and bass Höfner sounding
The 500/1 Contemporary BK sounding
The 61' 500/3, german made, toaster pickup
My old T-20 (spanish 500/2) sounding
My old T-21 (spanis 500/1) sounding
Playing BY yourself...
Hofner 500/1 on Garageband and XBOX
Hofner at Glastonbury 2013...
Paul McCartney's new rig !
Höfner 500/t ?!
Bob Daisley
Angry 457
Pennan Brae and 500/1
Nice to see the youngsters flying the flag
Shorty Bass
Let's Hear 'Em!!!!
Good sound examples of 500/1
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