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Archtop guitars and semi accoustics
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What model is my hofner?
Is this an early Hofner Committee, 468 or 470
Two Pickup Jazzica
Hofner/Selmer Case Handle
Dating a Senator (nothing to do with Marilyn Monroe)
The First of the Golden Hofner & Committee archtops
what hoffer guitar is this?
Verithin 65/3 for sale
22 fret mod for Jazzica
CT Verythins in fun colours
my new guitar
How do I tell a solid top from a multi layered veneer top
Hofner Senator
German or not?
Best Hofner semi-acoustic
New President serial numbers
4550/S/T1 or 456/S/T1?
Hofner 468 S E2 /restoration suggestions
Intonation - Committee Thinline
This belong to my great-grandfather
Modern Hofner Jazzica Finishes
Hobner Archtop
Can anyone help
Verithin 4578 possibly
Hofner Senator
Senator acoustic 1958
just bought a 1953 450 archtop
What Hofner model is this guitar
Loss in volume
Committee Thin, Bigsby
Please recommend a good practice amp for a Senator
Höfner 4550 how do I plug it in?!
The compensator tailpiece: how does it work?
Just a post to say Hi
My 1957 President electric and 1960 Senator acoustic
New President Special - "Frondose" headstock
Got one at last
Third time's the charm
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