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CT and Ignition/Icon models, not just the basses
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mandolin bridge on an Ignition?
CT bridge for the Ignition bass?
best string gauge for an Ignition
Black finish Hofner?
How to raise........
bridge pickup noise on ignition club bass
What strings ship on new ignition club basses?
Anyone use a Gig Bag Instead
Control Panel for HCT Hofner
Having no luck........
Hofner strap
Ever happen to anyone?
String height? Hofner 500/1 HCT
Hofner CT Pickup direction
Strap for Ignition
Advice/Hints on Changing Strings on my CT Hofner
New CT Hofner - "Tobacco Color"? - Info Needed
What are the Best Budget-wise Flatwound Bass Strings?
Differences between "older" vs. recent CT model
HCT Union Jack
new UNBOUND HCT 500/1 now available!
Meet Blinky, my desecrated Ignition!
Anyone try or own the new Fender Rumble
One more Hofner string question....
500/1 bridge on an Icon
Is This fairly common?
Modding the HCT switches
One more string question!
Violin bass switch panel. What does D.G.M.ang mean?
New bass! (Questions)
HI Series shortage?
New Lefty Hofner CT
I just added a ZERO FRET to my Ignition Bass!
Hofner Icon/Ignition truss rod cover replacement
New Lefty 5001/HCT
New bass day!
another angle
A new Hofner
Replacement tuners for CT Club Bass
Hofner CT pup height?
New Hofner Bass
An Ignition/Icon question.....again
Replacing Hofner CT 500/1 parts!
Hofner Club HCT owners - strap pin question
HCT500/1 vs H500/1 wiring.
Control Panel swap. Will it fit?
Regretting my mod to my Icon B Bass
Ugrade Voulme assembly
All the Cowboys Love Her
My other little bass is at Steve´s site!
500/1 HCT etc fact files
"Union Jack" - made in Germany or China?
The high build quality has a reason...
Talking about serial numbers
Modern serial numbers - do they tell anything?
HCT 500/1 Sustain Block Size/Shape?
Some Pics of my new Hofner
A Hofner repair question
One more Hofner CT Question regarding........
Interesting CT Question?
is Contemporary Series violin available in unbound neck
Ignition Violin Bass
White Tape wounds?
control knob replacement
Modding my Icon and Ct basses.......
Instrument cable for bass
A Glamorous Sunbathing Photo?
What age is Mabel?
Adjusting the bridge hight
So many flat wound string options.
Pickup Construction/ Specs.
Help: rhythm/solo switch problem
A Different Sound?
CT and Icon/Ignition Cavern Models
How can I make my CT´s pickguard looks like a German one?
pics of my 500/1 ct
Contemporary tuner problems
500/5 CT President bass
pics of recent aquisition
Banging my Head....Ignition or Ct ?
Maybe you can help me......Contemporary vs Ignition
Hofner icon knobs
Bridge for Ignition B-Bass/Club Bass
my ignition
CT basses wihtout binding
Some pics of my Icon
brand of tuner on CT 185??
Hofner strap etiquette
CT Club guitars
Icon and CT Violin Basses.....??
Red Club CT Bass
T-I JF324H strings on Ignition/CT
Stopping the bridge moving on my jubilee
Klaus Voorman and Sir Paul
Bass with fingers or pick?
What amp are currently using?
Title change?
Ignition versus Icon
Thank you Geoff
A new pic for a new start
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