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doc ellis

new hofner pup

hello everybody, i'm jeff ellis, detroit usa, and proud member #320 of this fine forum.  i have long been called "doc" after the baseballer from the 70s,  although maybe for this forum i will adopt a witty nickname like "hugh hofner."  i can't call myself a hound just yet as i am a wannabe owner of several hofners, and an actual owner of none, although i will be owning a Shorty CT soon, at which time i will be a genuine hofner pup.  so for now just a hofner embryo saying hello.  i will post deep thoughts on my love for hofner aesthetics in the 'talk about hofners' section eventually. until then, hello, nice to meet you, and thanks for having me.  best wishes, jeff.

G'day mate, welcome to the forum

Welcome, doc ellis.

Warm Welcome doc - Hofner ownership is not a pre-requisite of HH membership - so fire away (but hoping you get your Shorty soon - don't forget the pics when you do)

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